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Archive for July, 2014

Ep. 13 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim shares how he got out of debt, paid his house off at age 31, saved 6 figures in cash, and changed his life (and business) forever. He also shares the only two ways you can successfully get out of debt and get rich in the process.

Ep. 12- Two Drink Tim Podcast

This week Tim shares his 4th of July Freedom Formula, his thoughts on the World Cup, and a system to learn and implement anything you want into your life.

Ep. 11 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim talks about the one skill you must learn to have total financial freedom and how you can get it in under 60 days.

Ep. 10 – The Two Drink Tim Podcast

I bet you’re currently making one of these five HUGE mistakes in your business or in your life. Discover what they are and what you can do to eliminate them on the podcast.

By the way here is the link I reference in the podcast:

Listen to it now or we’ll be forced to kill a kitten, and no one wants that.

Ep. 9 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim talks about the exact moment he knew he was a giant #&@^ this weekend. Tim also shares exactly how to stop being overwhelmed and lost in life and business.

Ep. 8 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim RANTS about why most people fail in life and business, shares one of his biggest success strategies, and why being stupid is sometimes helpful!

Ep. 7 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim shares with you a simple activity that has turned into one of the top 5 things he’s done for his business. This one simple activity has resulted in huge breakthroughs both personally and professionally and has helped Tim achieve his biggest year ever online. You can do the same thing with only a few minutes a day…

Ep. 6 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim talks about the 4 things you can add to any business to instantly increase profits and customer enjoyment. He also shares how his ego cost him $500 this weekend, why he is banned from the Louis Vuitton stores, and why honeyhoney has a restraining order against him.

Ep. 5 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim talks about the importance off taking time off and how he manged to make 5 figures while on vacation. He also talks about staying fresh and the importance of “Tinker Time”.

Ep. 4 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim talks about a HUGE mistake he’s made his entire IM career and how it’s cost him both personally and professionally